Little Dude Rehabs His Arms After Brain Surgery By Feeding His Dog Treats

Well here’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Little man gets to hang with his pooch all day as he rehabs and the dog just stuffs his face the entire time. He’s laughing it up, pup is licking it up, and they’re both in better spirits than I am like 90% of the time despite pretty shitty circumstances. Its times like this that I really put things in perspective and remind myself to be more of a positive person. Especially after that last blog where I told that little girl and her brother they were gonna get depressed and die one day. Makes me realize that I should try to be a more happy and thankful for all that…ah fuck that I’m still gonna be generally miserable but this video warmed my heart.

PS – She better have given that bike. If that was just some cheap motivational ploy thats messed up.