Drunk Chick On The LIRR Eating Handfuls Of Chips Off The Floor Like A Beast

Now I’m not gonna sit here and tell you the floor of the LIRR isn’t absolutely disgusting. For all you know that train could have been the last Boardy Barn train on Sunday where people were puking, peeing, and shitting on the floor. So I fully understand that its gross and I’m not telling you I prefer to eat my chips off the ground. But what I am telling you is that I have zero problem with this move. The 5 Second Rule becomes the 55 Second Rule when you’re shitfaced and potato chips might as well be filet mignon when you’re that hammered. If you’re too much of a hoity toity germophobe to eat chips off the floor of the train when you’re shitfaced then just stay in your Ivory Tower and live your uptight life of misery. Because yes, you may end up on Barstool Sports eating food off the ground like a Homeless, but this face right here:

Is pure ecstasy. If you’re a germophobe you’ve probably never been as happy and satisfied as this chick is at that exact moment. Just delicious soot, filth, and garbage flavored potato chips crunching down her gullet. You can keep your health and your clean food, me and this chick will just be fat, drunk, happy and leaving the rest up to our immune systems.

PS – Would.