Is It Time To Bring Back the XFL?



I have an honest question. If the XFL launched now do you think it could work? Like Vince McMahon was ahead of his time. He launched the XFL too soon. America wasn’t ready for it. The NFL hadn’t turned into a flag football league yet. But what about now? The timing is perfect. The American public is begging for an alternative. A league where you can actually still tackle somebody without it being a penalty. We don’t need all the quirky gimmicks the original XFL had. Although I still like the fumble drill to see who get the ball first, but everything else can just be what the NFL used to be like 10 years ago. Make players sign waivers that they understand there is risk involved and can’t sue if they get hurt. Give out big contracts. Get the best players to jump ship like when the USFL launched. It’s like when the Sports Hub took out WEEI. People are begging for another option. Just give us real football with the best players and the fans will flock to you. It’s time for Vince McMahon to save America like only Vince McMahon can do. We need to bring back the XFL.