Bronx Man Who Set Cat On Fire Claims It Was Self Defense

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NYDN – The crazed cat killer who set a dying feline on fire in the Bronx told cops the animal was the aggressor, authorities said. Ernesto Bailey was held on $25,000 bail Saturday after his arraignment in Bronx Criminal Court on charges including aggravated cruelty to animals. “The cat came into my apartment, and it was scratching me and my kids,” Bailey, 31, whined to cops, according to court documents. “I went outside for a smoke and the cat jumped on my head, and as a reflex, I threw it against the wall. I ran the cat over with a shopping cart.” Prosecutors said Bailey, a married father of three, ran the cart into the cat multiple times, then picked the cart up and slammed it onto the defenseless feline. For his felonious finale, he torched the doomed kitty. But Bailey wasn’t totally remorseless, according to court papers. He did regret getting caught. “I shouldn’t have lit the cat on fire right in front of the building,” he said. “That was so stupid of me.”

Well what we have here is a classic “his word against mine” situation. Its a lunatic from the Bronx vs. the reputation of felines everywhere, and to be honest its a dead heat. Its a coin flip. This guy could 100% be a psychopath who lights cats on fire for shits and giggles. There’s also every bit as much of a chance that this hoodrat stray cat attacked his family and he needed to run it over with a shopping cart and set it on fire in order to send a message. Like you think just shooing a cat out of your house in an unprovoked attack is enough of a response to get through to son of a bitch cats everywhere? For sure not. You set that cat on fire and the rest of the strays of the neighborhood know you’re not to be trifled with.

Like he said, he shouldn’t have done it right in front of the building. That was his only mistake.