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The Chargers Are Apparently Moving On From Rivers

The writing was on the wall when Phil moved his entire family to Florida, but this is incredibly sad if true. I became a Chargers fan because of LT, but Rivers has been my quarterback for basically my entire fandom. This is a dude that gave EVERYTHING for this team and for the fans in San Diego and they loved m for it. And when the shithead owners moved to a city where they aren't even a top-10 most popular team within their own sport, he STILL left everything on the field. He's a leader, a gunslinger, and the most polite-yet-infuriating trash talker in the game. 

In my opinion, him and Marino are 1A and 1B for the best quarterbacks to never win a superbowl. Hell, Phil never even got to play in one. Get fucked, Nate Kaeding.

As for what this means for the Chargers at the QB position, it's hard to say right now. They currently have the 6th pick, but the only QB most experts see being on the board by then is maybe Herbert and doubtfully Tua. If not him, maybe they try to reinforce their disgustingly bad offensive line with a guy like Jedrick Wills. Tyrod Taylor is under contract still and he has shown he can be a competent game manager as a starter, but he isn't the long term future of the team. This is a make or break year for Tom Telesco as a GM, so he better choose wisely.