Video: Kareem Hunt Told The Police That He'd Fail A Drug Test And "It's The Offseason. Sorry I Was Having A Good Time"

Damn, TMZ is not good to Kareem Hunt. After already finding and releasing the video of him kicking a woman inside a hotel, they've now dug up the traffic stop he had last week that ended in only a speeding ticket. But after watching it.....holy shit did Kareem Hunt get let off easy. Thank God this officer was such a big Browns fan. I mean, Kareem could've been arrested for a multitude of things. First of all, the cop found marijuana and an open bottle of vodka. And "Uhhh....that's my brothers" worked??

I really don't know how I feel about this. I mean, Kareem Hunt is an explosive playmaker for my team......but if that were me or you speeding with weed and an open vodka container, we'd be in the back of the cop car. I don't care how much whining and crying and begging we did.

"I lost everything already, sir. I'm just trying to be in my hometown and chill."

Aweee cry me a river. Then don't make the mistake in the first place when you're already on your second and final chance. And then to follow that up with admitting he'd fail a drug test if one was administered right then and there. Jesus, buddy. Clean it up.

"I mean, yes, sir," Kareem said. "It's the offseason. Sorry I was having a good time."

Unfortunately, you gotta let this guy go. The Browns just signed their new GM today, and it feels like his first big splash has to be letting Kareem Hunt walk. No one comes into a job and sets a precedent that they're okay with attitudes and behaviors like this. He almost has to get rid of him, which is a damn shame. He can really play the game…..but he's just so stupid. So damn stupid.