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Tracking A Package And Getting A Delivery Notification Is Not Something That Excites Me

Despite the rumors and false reports you may have heard, getting a delivery notification whilst tracking a package is not something that excites me. Well, at least not enough to lose all control of my limbs (except for the brief moment where I covered my mouth and fixed my hair to remain as professional and unbiased as possible) and scream like a little kid. 

Ol' fuckin Garage Gym Lab decided to meme the fuck outta me though, and even had the audacity to watermark the video so I could be their advertising puppet. Blasphemous! That's the price of going femininely viral I guess. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

ANYWAY, we're about to go LIVE on Twitch for some Monday gaming, so come join on in and ask some questions in the chat if that interests ya!