Pats Lose Gronk And The Season (Best Summed Up By Gronk Screaming "My Motherfucking Leg)


I feel like crying for myself, for Gronk and for the Pats.    One of the saddest sports plays I can ever remember as a Boston fan.  Like the second you saw this you knew the season was over.  Just gruesome.  No other way to describe it.   Gronk summed it best himself screaming “My Motherfucking Leg” on the ground.   Horrible injury.   Has nothing to do with being injury prone either.   There is no human on earth who could have withstood that hit.  Just really really sad.

As a side note as bad as this hit was I don’t think it was even close to dirty.   This is the NFL nowadays.  I don’t know what else defensive backs can do.  You can’t go high.   You are taught to go at the legs.  You got to tackle Gronk somehow.  He didn’t lead with his helmet.  If you want to blame somebody blame Roger Goodell.    I’d rather take my chance with concussions which are always going to be part of the game regardless of how much you pussify football than guys being forced to aim low.  And spare me the he should have hit him around the waist.    Kind of easier said then done when you have freak athletes going at full speed and you have a nano second to make a decision.   Everybody is being taught to go low.    The NFL wants hits like this.  This is what they are preaching.  This is what happens.