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Introducing The Worst Beat In the History Of Civilization


I’m honestly stunned.  I don’t know what else to say.   I won, but I didn’t.  What just happened can’t happen, but it did.   That’s what’s so confusing.   Truth be told I had no idea what the situation was when OU scored.  Zero clue.  I didn’t know whether I still won, lost, pushed or what.  You could have told me my house was on fire at that point and I would have believed it.  My entire world just froze and I became crippled.   And if you’re wondering why I used Big Cat’s vine of this play it’s because my TV broke instantly after OU scored.  No joke.  The second OU scored my TV just flat busted.  Was just like I’m over this shit.  Never seen anything like it.    You can’t make this stuff up.

(The total was 57 for those keeping score at home.   Push.  By my count including that last play there were 57 points scored in the last 3 minutes)




PS – My tweet 1 second before this play happened kind of sucks.