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Reader Email - Don't Look Now But the FSU Ball Boy Red Lightning Is Putting A Beatdown On Charlotte

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Reader Email

He came, he conquered, rocked his gold chain and unbuttoned shirt, danced, took pictures, made a speech (“one team, one heartbeat”)at the DJ booth then left in a bouncer headlock. But don’t worry, Red Lightening was somehow back in Whiskey River 30 mins later doing what ginger ball boys do.

Viva! “One stool,one heart beat” hahaha


It’s Red Lightning’s world, we’re just living in it.

As a sidenote Scott Van Pelt claims that Red Lightning’s real nickname is Conch. Like the seashell because he’s from Key West. Talk about the rich getting richer huh? Dude not only has 1 great nickname, but 2.