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Dallas Keuchel Apologized For The Astros Sign Stealing At Soxfest This Weekend

So over the course of the next few weeks I gotta imagine we'll be hearing these kinda interviews rolling out more and more.  First we had Alex Bregman with the worst, most unaware interview of all time from a few weeks back:

Holy hell, you can grab the smugness out of the air.  

I get that he was probably instructed to say this but Jesus Christ at least act like you give a shit.  Clearly you don't, but lie to our faces.  This was an AWFUL look, especially coming from someone who played. a major role in getting not one, but two people fired from their jobs.

Then we got Justin Verlander attempting to make light of the situation at his Cy Young Awards banquet this weekend

So goddamn cringeworthy.  

And now we got newly minted White Sox starter Dallas Keuchel coming out and apologizing:

MUCH better than Bregman or Verlander any way you slice it.  Still though... not exactly great.  No idea what the White Sox wanted him to say regarding the subject but he at least seemed genuine in his statement. Sorry that the Astros got caught, pissed off that Mike Fiers sang like a canary and cognizant of the fact that (most?) other organizations are operating in a similar manner with regards to sign stealing. 

That said... just fess up to it and move on dude. Keep the Fiers shit and self deprecating humor to yourself. Not because myself or most people with the ability to think rationally care, but because people like Chris Russo will find any way possible to nitpick every single word you say.  "I'm sorry, I F'd up, we F'd up as a team, and I wish I didn't do it and I'm embarrassed with myself." Keep it to something like that and then move on.  

Jim Crane says the players are going to issue apologies during spring training but even then, it'll just come off as forced and done against their will.  Day late, dollar short.  Fuck the Astros

I still don't think this is near the end of it, and that we're going to find out eventually that the Astros and other organizations were cheating in one way or the other.  When that happens, no idea.  I just don't think sign stealing is all it boils down to.   Baseball doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore.  Teams are guilty until proven innocent.  

Whatever though.  Hopefully the Astros plummet in terms of offensive output and we can all point and laugh at them.  That, and hopefully Keuchel gives the White Sox 200 quality IP and helps lead them to a playoff birth.  That's all I really give a shit about.