Imbecile Jim Dolan Tops The Daily News List Of The 50 Most Influential People In New York Sports

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1. James Dolan

2. Roger Goodell

3. Derek Jeter

4. John Mara

5. Hal Steinbrenner

6. Phil Jackson

7. Bud Selig

8. Mike Francesa

9. Rob Manfred, MLB COO

10. Randy Levine, NYY President

Full List Here

And here’s why the Knicks will forever be fucked with James Dolan at the helm. The Knicks have been ABYSMAL for 15 years and where has that gotten James Dolan? How about right on top. Right on top of the New York Sports World. Owns the arenas, the teams, the networks, everything. Doesn’t ever have to answer to the media because he just doesn’t talk to them. The only guy in the city that keeps the media at bay. Why would he care about winning? Just continually spends money recklessly on big names, continually sells out games despite an inferior product and continually stacks more money than you can even fathom.

How about The Pope checking in at number 8! Everyone ahead of him on this list is either owning a franchise, in control of a franchise, in control of a whole goddam sport, or a legendary athlete. And then there’s Mike Francesa – a 60 year old Italian dude hanging out taking a hundred phone calls a day from functioning retards talking about literally whatever he wants every single day. If Mike doesn’t want a marathon, the marathon gets canceled. If Long Island needs electricity, Mike gets them electricity. Next year I expect him to solve the JFK assassination mystery on air. He wields as much power as any other titan in this city.

I guess the only question is, how do I not make this list? Gotta just automatically assume I’m #51 right? It might have even been a tie between me and that idiot Jay Horwitz for the number 50 slot and the tie breaker was age or something. Because last time I checked I’m a top 5 sports writer in America. So how can I not be a top 50 powerhouse in just New York City? Just doesn’t add up. Daily News please let me know when your list has been revised. Thanks in advance.

PS – The Commissioners being on this list is kinda stupid. I mean obviously football is a huge part of New York Sports, so yea technically the guy who controls the NFL influences NYC. But having Goodell, Selig, Silver and Bettman on this list is just too broad.