Yadier Molina Leaves Peanut Butter Crackers For His Fat Brother Jose Molina At Home Plate

Ahhh the Molinas. The Wayans Family of Major League Baseball. When will these son of a bitches just all retire?? Go down to South America and eat and drink with the Gramatica family.

As much as I hate that prick Yadier, this was a pretty funny move. Leaving those poor people cheddar peanut butter crackers for your fat brother as he jumps behind the plate is good stuff. That would be like superproducer BC leaving me some Entenmann’s or something as I trotted out there. Or if we’re sticking to poor people bodega snacks like the peanut butter cheese crackers it would have to be a sleeve of those 5 of those little generic donuts. Those things suck but in a jam they can suffice as your donut fix.

Anyway I can’t think of many things cooler than playing bro baseball with your brother and goofing off like this. Just treating your multi-million dollar job like you’re back in Little League pranking your buddies and fucking around in the dugout and shit. Truly, genuinely would be my dream come true. And you gotta think that could x a million for the Molina family. Those guys should be living in a hut with dirt floors somewhere in Puerto Rico and instead they all made millions behind the plate.