Enormous Fat Black Guy Rolling Around On Drugs At A Concert

Do it, Fat Black Man On Drugs! Do it! Give it to me! Let your freak flag fly! I feel like I’m watching Viscera do yoga or some shit. Its almost artistic watching him flail around like a beached whale. Borderline sexual and erotic, if you will. And fuck that dude at the end who starts dancing around with him. Cannot explain to you how awful of a move that is. Here we have a man completely naturally embarrassing himself. Internet gold unfolding before our eyes. And you gotta be the guy who jumps in and tries to dance with him and ruins it and shit. Its not about you, dude. Its about the 400 pound black dude tripping balls making an ass of himself. Get off camera and let the magic unfold.

PS – Serious question do you think that guy ever got up?