Baseball Bat Tricks With Bercules The BatMan

Its just like And 1 but for baseball. Like Hot Sauce at the Rucker or The Professor on tour. Who cares if those guys can just roll off the pick and hit a jumper? Who cares if they can play any defense? They just threw the ball off some white boy’s face and got an entire gym to hoot and holler. Half the guys in the crowd just ran out of the gym because thats how they cheer.

Well thats Bercules here. I have no idea if he can get a runner home from third with less than 2 outs. Don’t care if he can pick a ball out of the dirt on a short hop at first. All I know is he can twirl the bat like a goddam ninja, do a rainbow with the baseball, and still smoke a line drive. Thats enough for me to say this is awesome. He’s like a Baseball Ninja Turtle or some shit.