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Fastpitch Softball Ump Calls The Game After He Purposely Gets Drilled In The Face





FTW An umpire was on the receiving end of a shady play during a girls softball game in October. According to the message board which shared the video, the game is between the Cal Cruisers and Minors Gold. When the Cruisers pitcher walked the bases loaded, her coach calls timeout and discusses the incident on the mound. The coach leaves, the pitcher throws, the catcher ducks, and the umpire gets hit in the facemask.



When I first read that headline I was so confused. How could an ump purposely get hit in the face? Just get out of the way, right? WRONG! Not when there’s a fucking ninja catching in front of you who can dodge a ball, Matrix style, and get out of the way at the very last second. That was incredible! Ump had no shot to dodge that thing. Balls coming in…. balls looking like a strike… BAM! The catcher just disappeared and you just took a frozen grapefruit off the face, courtesy of a 15 year old. I’d call the guy a pussy for calling the game but at that point you really have no choice but go cry in the showers. Too embarrassing to get bullied by teenage girls and stay in public..



PS – The pitch that walked in a run was clearly a strike so the ump kind of deserved it.  But the catcher needs some acting lessons.  You don’t bail out like that.  Just casually miss the ball with your glove.  You send a message without the ump quitting on you.



Double PS – With names like the Cal Cruisers and Minors Gold, I’m assuming this game was played in California? So they’re just building replica Fenway Fields out on the West Coast? Everybody wants to be Boston, baby.