Someone Replaced The American Flags On Top Of The Brooklyn Bridge With White Flags

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NY Post - The NYPD is investigating a possible security breach at the Brooklyn Bridge Tuesday. Two mysterious white flags — in place of the usual American flags — were spotted flying from both towers of the bridge. Police are trying to figure out how someone was able to gain access to the bridge and remove the American flags unnoticed.


Did the Hipsters surrender? Are they giving back Brooklyn? Are they giving up on their crusade to be different and contrarian and relinquishing control of the borough? Maybe they just finally grew tired of trying to grow those beards and drink PBRs. Maybe they just all realized at once that their band was never going to make it big. Maybe their legs have grown from riding their fucking bikes everywhere. The Hipsters are waving the white flag, folks. Its time to take back Brooklyn.

Either that or the Guilty Remnant is real. Just hope you’re not one of the 2% of the population that gets taken when the Departure arrives.