Get A Load Of This Japanese Bro Who Takes Pictures of Himself With His Imaginary Girlfriend/Wig To Make Himself Feel Less Lonely

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CNN – Traveling alone during the Christmas holidays can be less gloomy — provided you take the advice of Keisuke Jinushi. Earlier this year, Keisuke, a 28-year-old freelance Japanese photographer and writer, gained Internet fame with a set of curious Instagram photos capturing him in various settings with his “girlfriend.” The images depicted a young lady feeding Keisuke and even lovingly wiping ketchup from his face. The twist? “She” was actually Keisuke.All the photos were single-handedly shot by the unattached Keisuke, with no girlfriend or anyone else involved. Keisuke was sick of seeing people with lovebirds in tow. So he invented his own. Keisuke started blogging about how to create fake couples photos two years ago. He calls the practice the “hitori date” or “one-man date.”In an early post he wrote: “Photos (one takes) while traveling alone may make one feel lonely and sad when you look at them. So I recommend the ‘hitori date photo’ technique. Looking at these photos makes me feel blissful.” Anxious to uncover the secrets of his bizarre success, CNN tracked down Keisuke. In the process, we found an engaging spirit who may just be the most amusing and honest blogger in Japan.


Japan just doing it big per usual. Can’t keep those fuckers down. Oh you feel bad that you don’t have a girlfriend? Simple. Go on dates with yourself and start faking like you have a girlfriend. Paint your finger nails so your hands look like chick hands.  Just casually make out with wigs in public and shit.  That with 100% make you feel more blissful about your life.  Not weird at all bro.  Not weird at all.  I wonder if this works if you haven’t had sex in awhile either? Yup….



And just so people know I didn’t cheat….Hey Japanese dude. Boom Roasted.