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Beyonce Wore Assless Chaps During Her Concert Last Night So That's Pretty Cool

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Huffington Post- We knew Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run tour was going to be racy, but we didn’t expect the leotard equivalent of assless chaps. That’s right, one of Beyonce’s multiple costumes during her 42-song opening night show with Jay Z is a black body suit with cut-out panels on her behind — creating a thong-like look.

I.  Can’t.  Even.  Well I guess I can.  Girls absolutely love Beyonce and I get it.  She makes awesome music to dance to and she has an awesome body.  Cool.  I like Beyonce.  Don’t love her.  I think it was a debate there for awhile who would you rather have sex with: Beyonce or Rihanna.  Rumors have it Jay Z didn’t have to choose (lucky bastard).  But after Beyonce had a baby and Rihanna started to flash her tits and sexual availability around to any one and every one I’m pretty sure that debate has gone the way of the Deron Williams/Chris Paul debate with RiRi being the clear winner.  That’s all fine and good.  No shame in losing to somebody like Rihanna.  But if Beyonce is going to strut around in assless  chaps on stage then I’m going to take notice.  All of us will.  That ass is legendary and if nothing else it was just good to see it.  She’s not taking over RiRi any time soon/ever but it’s nice of her to flash the goods every once in awhile and let us know she still has some gas in the tank.  Good for you, B.  That ass looks asstastic.

PS- The fact that Jay Z had sex with both of these chicks simply isn’t fair.  Forget Solange Knowles, I’d take an elevator beating from The Mountain if that’s what it takes for me to have sex with RiRi behind Beyonce’s back.