Chick Confronts Catcallers And Secretly Films The Interactions

“Bitch means you sexy” Duh.

What goes between thinking it, and actually saying it?” Uhhh, trying to get laid?

“Look at what we got to look at every day? We got black women with wigs on”

“Minnesota chicks are HOT” PS – Way to throw your boy under the bus bro. Guy Code, look it up

“I from Ohio where I come from we holler at women” “I think you find me appeal’n” “Women were put on this earth to satisfy man” “You got the freedom of speech to holler”

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Buzz Feed – Several weeks ago, 28-year-old Minneapolis resident Lindsey was standing on an escalator when a stranger began touching her hair and calling her “blondie.” When she told the man he “could just say ‘hi’ next time,” she said, he began screaming at her and calling her ugly. The situation reminded Lindsey — a longtime confronter of catcallers, most notably in last year’s Craigslist ad gone viral — that while she could control her reaction to street harassers, she couldn’t always anticipate their reaction to being confronted. It was then she had the idea for Cards Against Street Harassment — pocket-sized cards women could download, print, and hand out to their catcallers, explaining why the attention was unwanted without even speaking. “When you walk down the street do random strangers comment on how you look?” one card asks. “No? Wow. That must be nice.”  Of course, Lindsey still engages with the men she encounters. But now, with the cards as her platform, she films the conversations as a “cathartic extra response,” she told BuzzFeed. “I am genuinely interested in what place this is coming from,” said Lindsey, who asked to only be identified by her first name. Lindsey’s tone in the videos is obviously confrontational, but also curious — never combative. “The first time that I caught it, I was just on the phone with my sister and the guy interrupted my phone call and tried to hug me,” she said.

First lets start off by saying that if you’re a chick and you whip out a Card Against Street Harassment you’re just a loser. You’re a feminist and a progressive and a revolutionary and you’re also a gigantic loser. Imagine honestly carrying around “Cards Against Street Harassment” and whipping them out like you’re some sort of meter maid giving out tickets like “Excuse me SIR, but you’ve just been with with a CARD AGAINST STREET HARASSMENT!” I bet you’re a real fun time at a party.

And secondly lets just go ahead and answer this chick’s question – why do we holler at chicks? Because we’re trying to get laid. And why do we think that hollering at you will get us laid? Because it does. Girls like attention. When you give it to them, they like you. When they like you, they probably, at some point, will have a lapse in judgment and let you get inside them. Its a pretty simple chain of events. Now, I’m not saying this works 100% of the time. Catcalling on the street almost never works. The success rate is even lower when you’re showing videos of yourself debating borderline crackhead vagrants in the Minneapolis area. But this is exactly like the “Real Talk, Are You Horny” event. Chicks love to call out men for these things that are so “disgusting” and “misogynistic” and “inappropriate” meanwhile half the time it works. Don’t blame dudes for saying that you’re sexy when they pass you on the street, blame all the girls who respond to that. Because for every one lame feminist chick who doesn’t like to be hit on, there’s a pretty, confident girl who can take a compliment who actually likes being told she looks attractive. Every time there’s a feminist handing out a Card Against Street Harassment, there’s a girl who hands out her phone number. I’m hollering at you and hitting you with pickup lines and giving you attention because the last girl I did that to had sex with me. Clearly it isn’t gonna work with this barrel of fun, but there’s your answer.