Woman's Father And Husband Both Get Sex Change Operations

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Mirror – They say every woman marries a man like her father. But for Lleahan Perry that proved particularly true… because her dad and her husband are both having sex change operations. Lleahan was 15 when stepfather Stephen confessed he liked cross-dressing. Three years later the ex-sailor started living as a woman, taking hormones and calling himself Helen. Supportive Lleahan welcomed the change – pleased her dad was no longer living a lie. But months later she was stunned when fiancé Christopher Parent revealed he also wanted to live as a woman. In a three-hour heart-to-heart, Lleahan’s dad helped 22-year-old Christopher come to terms with his feelings. And now Christopher, called ChiChi by the family, and Helen are both planning to go through gender ­reassignment surgery. But before having the op, Lleahan, 21, and ChiChi decided to marry. They tied the knot at a ceremony in France this month and are expecting their first baby in November.  Lleahan, born in Piddlehinton, Dorset, but now living in Limoges, France, explains: “It was a beautiful ceremony. We had a massive party with all our friends and family. “Only a very few people know about ChiChi’s transition so we decided he would dress as a man. “But he was jealous of my dress. I knew he wanted to wear it. “He’s much happier now he’s started to come out and dress as his alter ego more often. Our sex life hasn’t suffered at all. “I’m attracted to men and women so I don’t mind. I just accept everything these days. You are the way you are.” Lleahan credits her open-minded ­attitude to helping Stephen come to terms with his gender crisis. She was five when her mum and step-dad met. In 2003 the family moved to France to be nearer her grandparents. When she was 13, Lleahan began to suspect Stephen was different. She says: “I remember thinking ‘Is my dad a girl?’ I know it sounds weird but we’ve always been incredibly close and he raised me to be who I am.”

Whats the lesson here? Don’t hang out with Lleahan Perry if you don’t want to turn into a chick. She’s got like the Midas Touch except instead of turning you into gold she turns your dick into a vagina. Lleahan is like “you get a pussy and you get a pussy and you get a pussy!” Ordinarily I’d say its a rough break for this chick. Went from a dad and a husband to a mom and a wife all in the matter of like 3 years. From 2 low maintenance dudes to 2 more annoying ass chicks in your life. But Lleahan Perry just don’t give a fuck. “I just accept everything these days.” What a fucking beautiful quote that is. The world is so jacked up these days. You can be straight you can be gay you can be bi you can be a trannie you can have no gender at all. Who fucking knows anymore. Its just easier to be like “Ahhh I just don’t give a shit anymore, do whatever you want to do, dad. Become my mom. And you? The father of my child? You want a vagina? Whatever. Just make sure you still mow the lawn.”

Here’s my question for these dudes – why on earth would you want to be an unspeakably ugly woman? I mean thats 2 of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen. Obviously. Because they’re fucking dudes. I mean I have no problem with identifying as a woman but isn’t the whole point that you wanna be a pretty girly girl and shit? Ugly girls just get nothing in life. You don’t get any of the chick perks and everyone just puts you down and stuff. I’d rather just be a girly gay dude than a really ugly chick, no? At some point you gotta be practical about it. I’d like to be a pimp from Oakland or a cowboy from Arizona but it’s not Halloween.  Just be a normal looking gay dude instead of an ugly ass woman.