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Remember The JV Lunenburg Football Player Who Had Racist Graffiti Sprayed On His House Which Caused the Football Season To Be Cancelled? Well It's Looking Like His Mother Did It



LUNENBURG, Mass.Investigators are looking closely at the mother of a Lunenburg teen whose home had racist graffiti sprayed on it last month, according to court documents. According to the search warrant, Isaac Phillip’s mother, Andrea Brazier, replied “OK” when an FBI agent said she was the one who spray painted graffiti on the house.The documents also claim Brazier made false statements and then asked them to stop the investigation.Police took a bag of evidence out of the home where “Knights Don’t Need (N-Words)” was spray-painted on the family’s home. Phillips, who’s biracial, plays football for the Lunenburg Blue Knights.According to the search warrant, two cans of spray paint and ammunition were found in home.”You’re not going to get anything from me besides no comment. I already said everything I had to say,” the teen’s father, Antony Phillips, said.The family posted a “No Trespassing” sign on their property, and the once-outspoken Phillips aren’t talking anymore. From the start, they blamed hateful spray paint on their 13-year old son’s football team. They said he was hazed because he is bi-racial. The town held a vigil, and the district canceled all future football games. Investigators have since cleared the team, saying they weren’t involved. “I think it’s kind of gross what they did and how they stood back and watched us all take the blame. It wasn’t anyone on the football team, and everyone’s affected by it,” football player Gregg McGrath said.

Yikes. Well this is a disgusting turn of events huh? I owe the Lunenburg football team a humongous apology. I assumed it was somebody on the team and everybody knew who it was when the coaches didn’t come forward and support the kid.   Now it looks like it was an inside job which is so insane I can’t even comprehend it.  Figures the one time I side with a school administrator it blows up right in my face.  I won’t do that again.  Anyway I’m not even sure what the punishment should be if this turns out to be the case. I mean you can’t give the Lunenburg Seniors back their final football game of their lives.  You can’t give the other town they were supposed to play back the game either. The damage has been done. Nothing can fix it. If it really does turn out to be the mother I think everybody who knew about this should be thrown in prison for life. Not even joking. I was gonna say death penalty but I thought that was a tad bit harsh.