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Both The Raptors And Spurs Took 24 Second Violations To Honor Kobe At The Start Of Their Game

Like I said in my previous blog, it was impossible to cancel the early afternoon games given how quick everything happened, and while we are still waiting to find out about the rest of the slate, we had this great moment in the Raptors/Spurs game. About as perfect a tribute as you can have all things considered. Even more awesome that it came in SA which just goes to show at the end of the day we are all human. All the rivalry bullshit doesn't mean anything when something like this happens. You feel it on a human level. You saw how much this impacted everyone before tip

and the way these two teams opened up this game was something to see. It still feels weird that there is even basketball being played right now, so hopefully we get the news that the rest of the games are cancelled.