15 Years Since The David Cone Perfect Game

POST – David Cone’s one imperfect moment came before his perfect game 15 years ago Friday, after Don Larsen had thrown out the ceremonial first pitch to his 1956 World Series batterymate Yogi Berra on Yogi Berra Day. “The one thing I do remember saying was to Don Larsen right after he threw out the first pitch … I asked him if he was gonna run and jump in Yogi’s arms to recreate their scene,” Cone said at the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation Golf & Tennis Classic at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club. “And he said, ‘You got it wrong, kid. He jumped into my arms.’ “I actually got it wrong. I felt … about this tall,” Cone said with a laugh. Twenty-seven Expos batters and 27 outs later, Cone felt as tall as the Empire State Building.

Just watching this video is a stark reminder of what the Yankees used to be and what they aren’t right now. How fucking cool were the late 90’s Yankees? Throwing a no-hitter or perfect game every year and winning championships. Just a great era to grow up in. Overall if you are a Yankee fan or just like knowing about the intricacies of the game, give the article a read because it’s pretty cool.

One thing did jump out to me from this article: “I would walk up to the clubhouse in the locker room in between innings and change my undershirt — the little routine that I had — even the clubhouse kids, anybody in there, just left. So I had the whole clubhouse to myself.” 

What the fuck is that? I know baseball players are superstitious and I know at Barstool we over exaggerate when people do something weird but this is Crazytown, USA. In a complete game is Cone going through 9 undershirts? How much did the laundry guys hate when he pitched? Was it the same type of shirt or were they different colors/logos/etc.? Did this change later in his career when Under Armour came out? I have so many questions.

Either way, this year’s team has been hit with the injury bug bad and we will need a few big trades and a miracle run to make the playoffs but hopefully this gets Yankee fans fired up.

Probable KFC Editors Note: “Look at you bringing up the past and having good childhood memories and not being a depressed loser all the time”

Actual KFC Editors Note: It CRUSHES MY SOUL that guys like Cone and Strawberry ended up doing great shit in Pinstripes and winning titles with the Yankees. Also, I never knew there was a 33 minute rain delay for this Perfecto. Thats pretty fucking remarkable. Nowadays if there’s a sprinkling of rain and a pitcher sits down for like 7 minutes they pull him from the game and basically skip the start. Cone just went back out there and threw 6 more perfect innings.