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Taco Bell Reloaded, Just Fired A New Round of Bombs At McDonalds


More shots fired! You have seen their first round of attacks by now, and they are still on the prowl. Still out there throwing grenades.

However, I’m a fair guy. As the People Champion, I have to call it as it is. McMuffins might be old, but there’s a reason they’ve stuck around this long. Because people fucking love them. I don’t necessarily love them, but the people do. And it’s not like McDonalds hasn’t put new things on their menu. They actually make a pretty decent chicken biscuit. However, I do agree, they need to update the menu. The AM Crunchwrap and the Cinnabon bites at TB are too delcicious to go elsewhere for a fast food breakfast.

As for the commercial, wasn’t a fan, I think they could have done better. Not the best shot I’ve seen. Taco Bell can do better.

Now we sit back and see if McDonalds retaliates.