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Texas Woman Called The Police To Complain About The Poor Quality of Her Weed



WTOP – Police in East Texas have arrested a woman after she called them to complain about the quality of the marijuana she had purchased from a dealer. Lufkin police Sgt. David Casper said Monday that an officer went to the home of 37-year-old Evelyn Hamilton to hear her complaint that the dealer refused to return her money after she objected that the drug was substandard. Casper says she pulled the small amount of marijuana from her bra when the officer asked if she still had it. She was arrested Friday on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. Hamilton said Monday she spent $40 on “seeds and residue.” She says she called police when she got no satisfaction from the dealer’s family.

I’ve always wondered what goes through peoples minds when they do shit like they. Like, what is there end game? What do they want to actually happen? I understand that you’re taught that cops are your friends. You can trust them for anything. So in theory, I don’t blame her for calling the popo in an attempt to get her money back from her dealer. She was basically robbed. She expected a quality product, and got a bunch of seeds. That’s not kosher. So in her small little brain, calling the police was not a choice, but a mandatory course of action. What else would she do? In a state where you learn in history books that the world is 100 years old and dinosaurs aren’t real, you can’t really blame a chick for calling the police here. In fact, I’m more surprised the police didn’t do something about it.

PS: For the picture, I googled “fat Texas woman”. I was not disappointed by the results.