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Is It Possible I Feel Bad For Jenna Marbles Now?


Seriously is it possible I feel bad for Jenna Marbles now? Because anybody who knows her knows this idiot right there is not Jenna. Jenna is not ditzy. Jenna is not a moron.  She can actually hold a normal conversation with you.  This whole Jenna Marbles thing is an act. It’s a fake person. Somebody she apparently has to pretend to be every time she goes outside in public.  It would be like Will Ferrall having to be Ron Burgandy in public for the rest of his life.   I’d hang myself. That’s the good thing about Barstool. Like when Big Cat and I go do a Bro Show we are just being ourselves. There is literally no acting involved. What you see is what you get. Jenna has to morph into this fake weirdo character that 12 year old girls expect to see. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst….Wait a mintue…. She made 10 million dollars this year? 10 million fucking dollars!  Fuck me. Umm nevermind. Now excuse me while I go claw my eyeballs out. Somebody buy a freaking tshirt.

PS – Jenna Marbles is a UFC fan like Jenna Marbles was working in a tanning salon making videos by herself when she suddenly exploded.