Yankees Midseason Report Card


Well the Yankees have made it to the halfway point and finished up 5 games out of the division lead and 3 games out of the Wild Card. I think it is needless to say that things have not gone to plan at all with 4 of our 5 starters being on the DL and possibly not going to pitch again this year. But still this team needs some grades and I am going to grade most of them but probably not everyone cause I’m lazy like that.

Masahiro Tanaka- A- Until a week ago Tanaka was everything promised and more. Unfortunately, he has an elbow tear and we may not see him til 2016. That is the only thing keeping him from an A+.

Hiroki Kuroda- C- Kuroda is the oldest and only standing piece of the opening day rotation but he hasn’t been able to hold a lead this year and will need to step up in the 2nd half.

Ivan Nova- INC- He was hurt too early in the year to get a grade and the first guy hurt gets a pass.

CC Sabathia- F- You wanna be skinny or do you want to win? When faced with this choice CC went skinny and now is most likely out for the year if not his career. If it’s his career, the Yankees get insurance money so…

Michael Pineda- F- So much promise to start the year and just turned into a pile of shit who can’t stay healthy. If he can get healthy and help this team make a push, he can raise his grade.

Chase Whitley- C+- In a pinch he has stepped up and given this team some quality starts. Hopefully he can continue to keep us in games.

Vidal Nuno- Expelled- FUCK YOU!

Dellin Betances- A+- From almost not making the roster, to All-Star, Betances has been amazing this year and has earned his grade. Don’t trade him unless it’s for Price.

David Robertson- A- With big shoes to fill, Robertson has made a great adjustment into the role. If this team had played a bit better, he would have had more save chances and would have been an All-Star.

Brian McCann- C- Not living up to the expectations as a offensive threat but not a total let down so far. Needs a major upgrade for the 2nd half.

Mark Teixeira- B+- Tex has been the key to our offense this season and is at times looking like his former self. If he stays healthy and keeps hitting in the 2nd half, his grade can improve.

Brian Roberts- C- Picked up hit hitting recently but there isn’t much left in the tank.

Kelly Johnson- D- We didn’t expect much and we got even less.

Brendan Ryan- D+- Great glove but hits like he was paralyzed.

Derek Jeter- B- He is playing better than most Yankee fans feared but is still a shell of his former shelf. This might even be a C+.

Yangervis Solarte- C- Huge surprise at the beginning of the year but has since been demoted and gone 1-9 in his return. May not finish the year as a big leaguer.

Brett Gardner- B+- Living up to his new contract and has already set a career high in HRs. He will need to keep this up if the Yankees have any chance of making a run.

Jacoby Ellsbury- B- Ellsbury has been extremely streaky this year but has been batting 3rd instead of his usual leadoff spot. If the numbers don’t improve to the high points of those streaks, he will be considered a bust.

Ichiro Suzuki- B+- From being a trade piece to stepping into being an everyday player having a great year, Ichiro has been nothing but a professional.

Carlos Beltran- D- Not much production and an inability to stay healthy have made Beltran a hug let down with 2 years left on his deal.

Joe Giradi- B+- He has been given the ingredients to make a shit sandwich and has kept this team in contention.

Brian Cashman- D- Some good off season moves have not paid off and not major moves have been made yet. Waiting on confirmation that he has any other GM phone numbers.

I know I skipped some bullpen guys, but they are all mediocre as expected. Overall this team needs to start the 2nd half hot and make some moves soon of we are toast.

KFC Editors Note: JJ Midseason grade – F for fat.