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Curtis "Razor" Blaydes Gets It Done Early With A 2nd Round TKO Win Over Junior Dos Santos

After Junior Dos Santos' 17th missed lead uppercut* in a row tonight, Daniel Cormier remarked on commentary that the UFC vet had better stop throwing those punches before he gets knocked out. Following his 18th lead uppercut attempt*, Dos Santos was knocked out.

It was actually a sort've beautiful thing - to have the exact insight on how the fight would end before it ended - and for a moment, it made me wish fighters demonstrated poor "Fight IQ" more often...but then, I thought about how much more I wanted to watch the guy with good Fight IQ going forward, and I backtracked on my stoned thought faster than Stephen A Smith on his Cowboy rant! 

Who is the fella I'm speaking about, though? Look no further than Curtis "Razor" Blaydes, who could easily be one of the heavyweight division's scariest contenders this year. He's got tremendous wrestling ability, and as he showed tonight, hands that'll put you on your ass if his takedowns don't work. Anybody with that combo is dangerous at heavyweight, considering how few fighters at the top seem to have impeccable takedown defense, and I'm very excited to see the 2020 "Razor" Blaydes has to offer us. 

*These aren't real stats, just what it felt like.