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Texas Tech Gave Out Free Beer. Texas Tech Camped Out For 51 Hours. Kentucky Still Won On The Road Because Kentucky Is Kentucky

What a goddamn gutsy win. You know what's funny. Everyone who hates Kentucky will talk about how they should blow people out, no one wants to give this team credit. All they do is turn the corner and start to find ways to win games. This is a win over a ranked team on the road over a team that was favored. Over a team that was giving out free beer to students. Over a team that had students camp out for 51 hours saying it was the most important home game in Texas Tech history. But they don't have Nick Richards

Oh your big man doesn't put up numbers that haven't been seen since Anthony Davis? Can't relate. Your big man can't step up and hit big free throw after free throw? Can't relate. Because Nick Richards is the most improved player in the country. Hell, even the official scorebook guy tried cheating us (as the refs WERE FUCKING AWFUL BOTH WAYS) 

You think it mattered that Tyrese Maxey and Ashton Hagans struggled? Nope. You know why? Immanuel Quickley stepped up and hit major shots. Nate Sestina slid in and drilled a couple big threes. EJ Montgomery didn't suck! And then Hagans did this to end the game: 

Go ahead and be cute with your Evansville line. We all know that happened. Just know what's happening now. Kentucky has won at Arkansas (top-30) and Texas Tech (top-25) in seven days. Your team didn't do that. Time to celebrate: