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The Frontrunning Scumbag Skyscraper Known As The Empire State Building Is Lighting Up In Giants Colors Tonight In Honor Of Eli Manning

Look, if pretty much any other entity on the planet was paying tribute to Eli Manning, I would have no problem with it. If anybody deserves the proverbial ball washing that comes with a retirement press conference, it's the man that beat the greatest sports dynasty any of us will ever see twice that never missed a game because of injury and has his name littered in the Top 10 of passing stats. For example, seeing Eli's most infamous opponent tweet at him kind words with a joke that really wasn't a joke made my soul smile.

But that old, tall, front-running asshole skyscraper can kiss my grits with his empty gesture. Again, if any other building wanted to pay homage to the GOAT's keeper, I'd be fine with it. But not a building that pulled a stunt like this less than two years ago.

I don't think any building in the Tri-State Area should ever be wearing Eagles colors while shouting them out on social media, let alone a building that shares a name with the the state nickname. Do you think whatever shanties they call skyscrapers in Philly were lit up in red, white, and blue when Eli took down the unstoppable trio of Brady, Belichick, & Portnoy twice? Fuck no. 

There is no doubt in my mind Empy was making fun of every Manning Face that Eli got caught wearing throughout the years and was probably ripping Eli's Hall Of Fame case with all the other sheep before he saw all of the love 10 was getting on social media and flipped like the overgrown New York rat he is. And save me that Empy is just a big fan of football instead of just one team. If that's the case, that oversized asshole can dress like this tonight and every other night throughout the year.

I know I should be the bigger man and bury the hatchet for my beloved Eli. But I just can't do it because in the words of the great Jeffrey Lebowski, I hate the fucking Eagles mannnn. Plus I still haven't gotten over this traitorous act that stabbed New York fans in the heart more time than Alliser Thorne, Olly, and the rest of those mutinous motherfuckers in The Night's Watch did to Jon Snow once upon a time.

For the true Eli fans that want to show their support for a living legend, buy a shirt in honor of our hero or in spite of fake ass fans like Empy.