Draft King's British Open Challenge Now Live

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You know what pisses me off? How they just call the British Open “The Open.” Its the fucking British Open. Its like how people who drink Yuengling just call it “a lager.” Just say the names you assholes. You drink a Yuengling at the British Open. You don’t drink a lager at The Open Championship.

Anyway Draft Kings is giving of 60 grand in prized. 60! 10 grand goes to the first place winner. You get to pick 6 golfers on your squad and I’m telling your right now, Hideki Matsuyama is the sleeper pick. Asian dude winning The British Open would be just magical

Contest Details:

-$60,000 Fantasy British Open Contest
-$60K prize pool, $10,000 first place prize
-$20 Buy-in, Top 675 places paid out