My Cyber Monday Mortal Lock of the Century


In the long and illustrious history of Barstool Sports I’ve never lost a Cyber Monday Mortal Lock. Never. And I’m not going to lose tonight. This is the easiest game of the year in the NFL. The Seahawks win this game by a minimum of 3 TDs and establish themselves as the favorite in the NFC. The Saints do not play well on the road. They do not play well in cold weather.  They do not play well when I say they won’t. It’s gonna be loud. It’s gonna be physical. It’s gonna be a blowout. Why am I telling you this? Simple. Because I care about our readers. It’s my way of giving back to the Stoolies on this glorious Cyber Monday.  It’s the least I can do for everybody buying shirts and shit from us right now.   The least I can do is give you a stone cold lock to help you pay for all your Christmas shopping. This is as easy as it gets folks.  Don’t be the asshole who doesn’t bet his life savings on this game.   This isn’t just some Joe Schmoe saying this. It’s a guy who has NEVER lost a Cyber Monday Mortal Lock.

The Pick – Seahawks -6.5


Hey and if you want to buy our new Big Lebowski shirt with your winnings who am I to stop you?