While Everyone Accuses the Pats of Spying, a New Video Perfectly Captures Mike Tomlin Committing TripGate 2


PittsburghThe NFL is reviewing whether Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin tried to interfere with a kick return in Baltimore… KDKA has another angle of the play shot exclusively by KDKA-TV photographer Michael Chalik. You can see Tomlin actually take a side-step toward the field, where his foot ends up on the field of play. He then jumps out of the way when he realized the Ravens’ kickoff return was heading his way. Tomlin says he was watching the play on the jumbotron and got disoriented. Some reports say the NFL could fine Coach Tomlin up to six-figures. There are other reports the league could find the Steelers organization as well, and even strip the team of a draft pick. The league had warned teams about sideline interference the day before the Tomlin incident, so that could play into their punishment.

Well, well, well.  What do we have here?  Video evidence of an NFL Head Coach caught in the act of actually cheating?  And in Pennsylvania no less? The same state as the late, no-so-great, unmourned Sen. Arlen “Magic Bullet” Specter.  So I guess now we can expect that whatever sleazy politician replaced Specter in the Senate will demand hearings into this, right?  Or all the Steelers players like James Harrison who bitched about how the Patriots cheated them out of rings that are rightfully theirs will turn their own rings into the league now that they’re tainted?  And all the politicians in PA will demand Tomlin get suspended for a year and the Steelers forfeit all their picks like they did with Belichick?  Yeah, I won’t hold my breath.  Mike Tomlin sticks his leg out way worse than Sal Alosi of the Jets did in TripGate 1.0 and here’s the video to prove it.  But Pennsylvanians would rather believe some fairy tale about a non-existent tape of the Rams walk through.  And keep rooting for teams quarterbacked by rapists and dog killers, build statues to pedophile enablers and apologize for coaches who cheat on national TV and lie about it.  That Steelers 5-7 record couldn’t happen to a nicer state.

We now return you to Antonio Smith accusing the Patriots of spying… @JerryThornton1