Action Bronson Takes A Piss In The Middle Of His Concert But Keeps Rapping

White KFC has taken over the majority of my life these days, so I don’t really know who Action Bronson is. If he was big in like 1998 you can bet your ass I’d know all his shit and I’d probably be saying he’s the best MC in the game or something to that effect. I know his name and I know he’s a Queens guy but thats about it.

But after this I don’t need to see any more from him to know that I like this guy. Mid concert pissing in the Porta Potty and he doesn’t miss a beat. Just like “ehhh fuck these Canadians, I’m just gonna go take a piss.” All these rappers these days talking about their chains and their wives and girlfriends. Drake with every celebrity on the planet. Jay Z sitting courtside with his billionaire wife. And there’s Action Bronson up in Canada pissing and rapping in a porta potty. Can’t knock the hustle. I’m just happy a big fella like that didn’t sit down and turn two.