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Paul Walker's Death Is One Of The Saddest Things That Has Ever Happened To Me


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I don’t know why, but it is. If two days ago you told me that I’d go into a depression upon hearing of Paul Walker’s death, I would have laughed in your face. But, last night I was burning candles, watching a “Fast and the Furious” marathon and fighting tears. Saturday night I was explaining to random people how awesome Paul was and I almost made myself cry. By the end of the night I was just that crazy old drunk sitting at the bar, mumbling nonsense about how the Oscars better do a special lifetime achievement award for him. Because while Paul Walker probably wasn’t a method actor, every one of his characters was a guy you wanted to be. Lance Harbor, Brian O’Conner, Caleb Mandrake are all basically the American guy we all hoped to be. “Into the Blue” was the prime of Alba’s career and he was definitely sleeping with her during filming. “Joy Ride” and “Running Scared” are two very underrated thrillers, the pedophile scene in Running Scared absolutely still haunts me. “She’s All That” was another case of Paul crushing his role as “the popular guy.” My point is that it’s hard to star in one good movie, Paul Walker starred in like 12. If that’s not worthy of recognition then I don’t know what is. Three of the most classic characters in history deserves something.



PS – Tyrese visiting the crash site = tears time.




Double PS – This should be the eulogy. “The buster brought me back” perfectly explains what kind of guy Paul was.