Swasitkas Flying Over New York Beaches This Weekend

USA Today – A banner of a swastika flew over Coney Island and Long Island beaches on Saturday. The organization promoting the banner,, aims to reclaim the swastika as a symbol of a peace, its meaning long before it became associated with the Nazis. The banner shows the swastika over the Star of David. It flew as part of Swastika Rehabilitation Week starting July 5, according to the group’s website.  “The swastika symbol is one of the oldest symbols on the Earth and can be found in all religions and traditions, on all continents!” according to But Mark Treyger, the New York councilman who represents Coney Island, is not buying that argument. “I will not accept their twisted logic. And I am also going to speak out against sending chilling messages of fear and intimidation to residents,” Treyger told CBS New York. The Las Vegas-based International Raelian Movement paid for the banner, according to Raelians believe extraterrestrials created humans thousands of years ago. The group is not anti-Semitic, Raelian spokesman Thomas Kaenzig told the Wall Street Journal. According to The Journal, Kaenzig said, “We’re here to educate people, not offend people.”

Hey Raelians why don’t you do me a favor? Stop trying to make Swastikas happen. Its not going to happen. This is like back in 2012 when the powers that be in the fashion world said that “meggings” were the next big thing. Male leggings were supposed to take the world by storm in 2013 all because Lenny Kravitz and Justin Bieber wore them.  Well its 2014 and the only person still wearing girl pants is that fuckboy Bieber. Maybe that asshole Kanye West but I think he’s been straight up wearing skirts. Point is, meggings were never gonna happen.

Same situation here with swastikas instead of it just being an uncomfortable fashion trend we’re talking about a symbol thats synonymous with hate mongering, genocide, and perhaps the most violent depraved sect of society the human race has ever witnessed. In both cases its probably not worth trying to force a comeback. Maybe once swastikas were cool. Maybe at some point dudes in spandex was hot in the streets. But in the year 2014 swastikas and meggings just ain’t gonna happen.