Zion Did One Of Those Crazy Zion Things Again

I mean what the hell. How is this fair? This is a man who had to be retaught how to walk, run and jump over the past few months in order to attempt to prevent future injuries. And the early results appear to be horrifying. This is a fucking PUNCH. Look at where this goddamn ball is.

To have the reaction time at his height to play help defense to *this* level is what makes him special. It's one thing to be an athlete, the NBA is full of those. It's another thing to having the timing and instincts Zion has flashed at the amateur level over the past few years. And now tonight. Also, his crazy offensive efficiency wasn't just a Duke thing.

It appears to just be a Zion thing. What a monster. Let's all agree right here and now to never let him miss 40 games in a season again and just let him flourish and dominate as the gods intended.