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Kate Upton Just Wanted To Remind Us How Hot She Is On This Lovely Friday

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 8.00.08 PM

In case you missed it, the #DollyPartonChallenge has taken over social media this week.

Literally every one is doing it. Will Smith, Ellen, Miley, Oprah, Legos, Arnold… etc etc. As if she’s not amazing enough already, the 74 year old queen decided to dip her toes into the meme game. And of course, she went VIRAL viral. Because why wouldn’t she? She’s Dolly Parton.

On her queen shit.

PS – Underrated in this whole thing is after she captioned: “get you a woman who can do it all” she said something along the lines of “You know I’m not really on Tinder, but I’m hip enough to get the reference” on Facebook.  I really wish she actually had Tinder. Imagine furiously swiping right to end up matching with Dolly Parton? I don’t care who you are. Dreams are made of that shit.

Anyway, in related news, I think we can crown a winner of said challenge.

In case you missed it: Part 2, Kate Upton reminded us why she will always be one of the hottest women on the internet in her own version of the celebrity social media trend.

Here I was sitting in my apartment drinking wine and absolutely refusing to pack for Miami (can somebody come do it for me, please??) and I see Kate Upton distracting people from the fact that her husband’s baseball team is going through a tad bit of a catastrophe by playing the absolute hits on her IG.

Ride or die, if you ask me.

When the Barstool College Football Show was live in Philly for Army/Navy, instead of doing our actual Top Tens, Dave had us do our Top Ten Americans – not including military or anything political – and Brandon very bravely put Kate Upton at #2 on his list due to the infamous GQ cover (see: above).

Dave said “KATE UPTON??!!? Welcome to 2020!”

Ya, Dave. Welcome to 2020. This woman falls into the category of ‘Once a smoke…. always a smoke. Much like our girl Dolly Parton. As Brandon fucking Walker says, this woman has no expiration date.



Happy Friday, folks.