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The Decision: I've Picked My Booze Crew

There has a lot of talk around the office, both on and off-line, about which beer crew to run with. Dana B has the original crew with zillion beers. Tough to dispute that. PFT has also made headway with infinity beers, and he is technically my boss. Pretty compelling argument! Marty and Brandon Walker's gazillion felt like a little too much of an offshoot to me, and Brandon still refuses to follow me on twitter. What's the big idea, Brandon? Why wouldn't a pro gambler want to see a bunch of tiktoks and irony-poisoned insider jokes? There's other crews like Beers with the Boys, Indoor Cigs, yada yada. You can see the full round-table argument for that here:

For me, it came down to this. I wanted to be part of the original crew, and I don't mind choosing video guys over content. Our editors are real grindstone guys and I love that. Team Zillion Beers baby! (Until PFT threatens me or something)