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Holy Club Twirl Rory McIlroy!


I know this tournament is all about Tiger Woods and him kicking off his 2020 season at Torrey Pines but props must be given where props are due and that dick-dragging club twirl from Rory McIlroy deserves tons of props. Rory knew INSTANTLY after he hit the ball that it was gonna make it to the green and it was gonna be CLOSE. Then he did the Rory walk where it looks like there’s a sledge hammer swinging between his knees. God damn it that whole thing was beautiful. Lord please give us a 2020 golf season where Rory McIlroy is at his best and Tiger Woods is at his best. It’ll make being a golf fan sooooooooooooooooo much fun.

Gotta include one GOAT club twirl if we’re talking club twirls