More From The Belgium World Cup Smoke In Her First Appearance For L'Oreal

This could be the hottest chick alive. I still give the edge to Hannah from Ohio State who won Smokesmash 2014. I genuinely think she’s like the prettiest girl in the world. But Axelle Despiegelaere (Yes, thats actually how you spell her last name, I didn’t just type a bunch of random letters) is right there with her. She’s definitely the hottest 17 year old alive. I mean this is just a video of a girl getting her hair washed and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

My question is when you’re this hot, you kind of have to end up being a bitch right? I mean this chick went to a soccer game in Brazil where literally hundreds of thousands of people are flocking, and she was picked to pretty much be the hottest. The biggest stage in the world, and she’s the smoke that comes out of it on top. Ipso facto she’s the hottest chick in the world. Plucked right from the crowd Pam Anderson style and right into a L’Oreal contract. How can you possibly remain humble AT ALL if that happens to you? You have to wake up every morning being like “I’m one of the best looking people alive right now.” Absolutely no way you can stay normal after having the world realize that.

PS – Chick needs to drop her last name ASA fucking P. Just be like one of those one name models like Gisele. Axelle gets it done.