Selena Gomez Cutting Glass With Her Nipples

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Give it to me, Selena! Give it to me! Your nipples. Your boob sweat. Fuck even your belly button sweat. Give it all to me! This chick is such a rocket it drives me bananas that she bangs that fuckboy Bieber. And not even does she just fuck him, she’s completely hung up on him. Like he’s all inside her head and fucks with her. Sends her to rehab and shit. How does this chick not realize how hot she is? I mean look at these pictures – she’s looking down right at her tits. Right at them! She knows how awesome they are. She’s walking there like “Look how great my tits look!” How does she not realize she can go get some billionaire dick from a dude who’s not a scrawny wigger clown?