Brazilian Chicks Loving The World Cup Because There's So Many Dudes To Have Sex With

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NY PostThe past three weeks’ flood of foreign soccer fans — the vast majority of them men — has been a boon for the single women of Brazil, where a demographic imbalance means they outnumber men by more than 4 million nationally. The imbalance, the result of higher mortality rates among young men, is particularly acute in Rio de Janeiro, where there are just over nine men for every 10 women, according to the 2010 census. That’s about the same as New York City, another metropolis known for its lack of eligible single men. “There are so many men everywhere these days, it’s amazing,” Moitinho said, gesturing out over the sea of masculine faces at the Fan Fest. “The World Cup is God’s gift to women.” Brazil’s World Cup bonanza hasn’t come without a downside, with scattered reports of Brazilian women being sexually harassed by out-of-control fans. But in most cases, Brazilian women say foreign fans have behaved well, and have displayed a more enlightened, less macho attitude than that of Brazilian guys. Moitinho, who along with three friends braved the bus for more than two hours to get to the Fan Fest from their home in a distant Rio suburb, said foreigners just have a je ne sais quoi that their Brazilian counterparts lack. “They’re handsome, sweet, humble and generous,” Moitinho said as her friends grabbed hold of the Italian’s hips to lead him in samba’s hallmark sway. “They respect women and don’t come on strong like Brazilian men, who just grab on to you and try to kiss you right away. They’re much more gentlemanly.”

As if partying at the World Cup couldn’t get any better, turns out all the Brazilian women are patrolling the streets looking for white dick. Is that heaven? I think that might be heaven. At the very least it counteracts the possibilities of riots and kidnappings and murder, which have been surprisingly low in number to begin with. But I can’t envision a better scenario than a tropical party for weeks on end where all the dick wrecking Brazilian smokes are the ones interested in you. I guess when there’s a shortage of men to begin with, and that small crop of available dudes are running guns or drugs or some other shit for a South American cartel, all you want is some safe sex with a safe white loser. More interested in a 401k and a guy with a good credit score than some Brazilian dude who can dance the samba. At the end of the day being a lame white dude always wins. Its like the tortoise and the hare. We’re just a bunch of slow, lame tortoises but we’ll win.