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Roy Devyn Marble Drafted 56th By The Denver Nuggets Then Traded To The Orlando Magic

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Press-Citizen- Iowa’s Devyn Marble spent the last month working out for 15 different NBA franchises. On Thursday, he waited more than four hours to hear his name called during the NBA Draft. It was worth the wait. Marble was selected by Denver with the 56th pick of the second round, but ended up with Orlando because of a trade. Orlando was not one of the teams Marble worked out for. “They did have interest in me, but felt like their draft position and projections weren’t matching up with mine,” said Marble, who will fly to Orlando, Fla., today for a news conference. “We didn’t go in for a workout. But I think it’s going to be a good fit for me.” Marble got the news of his impending selection from his agent, former Iowa guard B.J. Armstrong. Then Orlando called. Marble knew Denver was picking him for the Magic as part of a trade. “It was just nice to be taken off the board,” Marble said. “The Orlando is a great organization for me. They’ve got some young guys with talent. I think it’s a good spot for me, to be honest.” “I’m so thrilled for him,” McCaffery said. “I think it’s an unbelieveable opportunity to go to a great franchise and be there for a long time. I think Orlando is a great fit for him. It’s been an awesome night for all of us to be here and be a part of it.” As soon as he was drafted, McCaffery and Marble shared a hug. “It was cool,” Marble said. “He just embraced me, gave me a hug and said he was proud of me. He said, “This is just one step toward your goal, trying to get to the end result, which is being on a roster come this fall.”

Yeah!  Iowa basketball players getting drafted!  The first time that’s happened since Adam Haluska got drafted by the Hornets back in 2007.  As a school that doesn’t exactly pump out NBA talent like the Kansas’s and Kentucky’s of the world it’s always good to see one of own drafted.  Marble was great for Iowa basketball.  He helped Fran McCaffery turn the program around after the coach who originally recruited him, Todd Lickliter (fuck that guy), got fired.  Marble was one of the main reasons the team became locally (and to a point, nationally) relevant again and started winning 20 games.  Dude can score in bunches when he wants to and can run the point if he has to.  As far as his NBA career, no idea how that’s going go.  He’s going to an Orlando Magic team that won 28% of their games last year so something tells me he can find a spot on their roster somewhere.  Either as a wing player or point guard.  Marble has NBA-type talent.  He obviously won’t be winning any MVP awards but he could be a serviceable pro for a long time.  Best of luck to Roy Dev.

PS- Doug McDermott grew up in Ames (playing high school basketball with Harrison Barnes) and his dad Greg was born in Iowa and grew up here.  Doug had signed on to play his college ball at Northern Iowa but moved to Creighton after his Dad, who was coaching at Iowa State, took the job at Creighton.  Doug being traded to the Bulls was the best thing that ever happened to him.  He’s beloved in this part of the country.  Chicago is perfect for him.  Doug became one of the most popular NBA players in the Midwest last night.

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Iowans never forgetting where they came from and congratulating each other.


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