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A Statement On My Future As A Professional Athlete

To whom it may concern

Although I was heart broken to not make the DC Defenders after my tryout where I went 4/6 on field goals (3/3 from 35 yds plus and this would of been good from 70 nbd), 

But I understand that this is a numbers game with real lifes and livelihoods on the line. The team has two quality kickers and they are right now, a better choice from a football standpoint. In fact, I appreciate the fact that I was not given a roster spot out of pity because Im not a handout guy Im a hand-up guy all about accountbility. I could of done better. I will do better.

The thought of hanging the cleats up for good goes through every elite atheletes mind. For the last couple days I've been going off and on about wether I should write up my retirement paperwork, purchase a fax machine, call the XFL to find out what their fax number is, be instructed to just write a email instead, send it to a WWE address they never check and only created just to placate me, and walk away from the game forever. In fact, I have no idea why Hank put "to be continued" at the end of the tryout video he masterfully produced. There was to be no "continued". That was the end of the line as far as I was concerened. 

However this morning I had a call with the personell guys, and I have been offered a actual practice squad spot where I can continue to improve at my craft (as first reported by ESPNs Dianna Russini who emphasized my "raw talent." Her words, not mine.) Until now, I have only really trained a grand total of 5 times over the last month/4 years, so I figure that committing to a practice regimen could help me elevate my game to the point were it could be possble to earn a roster spot on my own merits. #StayInTheFight.

My offical thoughts are as follows:

As I weigh my options I ask that you repsect my privacy. Unless you want to send Ed Werder to hang outside our office reporting any updates every hour on the hour. That would be ok.

Thanks for all your support. I truly love you guys, and will let you know if I am going to proceed with this option as soon as I have made my decision.


PFT "Mr. 35 yds" Commenter