Steve Tisch Says Manziel Doesn't Fit The Profile Of NY Giants Football Players

NJ.comJohnny Manziel and his partying have the Cleveland Browns worried. If he were a Giants quarterback? Co-owner Steve Tisch told TMZ he’d be concerned too. But Tisch also noted the Giants history of drafting certain types of players — Manziel doesn’t exactly fit the “profile” when it comes to the team’s culture over the years. Although the Giants discussed taking Manziel if he fell in the draft, they eventually passed. So, Tisch wished Manziel all the best and said he wouldn’t feel that way if Manziel were the quarterback for the Eagles, Cowboys or Redskins. “We have a fantastic quarterback who I hope has another amazing season,” Tisch said. “I wish Manziel all the best…If he’s playing for anybody outside our division, I would hope he’d be good for them. I wouldn’t want him to be good for the Eagles, Cowboys or Redskins, but I hope he’s good for Cleveland, I hope he has a good year. I think he knows what he has to do to stay on the team, to work with his teammates, be part of a productive, functional locker room. A lot’s going to come out once training camp starts.”

Tisch has a point. Kid doesn’t fit the profile at all. As far as we know, Johnny Football only boozes, hangs with celebs, tags legal sluts & blue-balls smut moguls. What a pussy. The Giants finally just cut ties with Will Hill after his third annual drug suspension & owe the resurgence of their entire franchise to this guy:

If JFF wanted to be Giants material, he should’ve leaked evidence of (allegedly) blowing rails pre-draft. Then maybe he’d have landed in NY behind a two-time Super Bowl champ/pipe-layer extraordinaire. Instead, he got banished to the Browns who didn’t like him enough to take at #8 and might sit him for Brian Hoyer. Not everyone’s got what it takes to suit up for Big Blue, I guess.