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Packers Stuffed Animals Have No Place In Chicago's Crane Games

God as my witness - I saw this same doll at a bowling alley on Tuesday and I put $1 in so I could get this thing out of my sight and out of my city. I lost, but that's neither here nor there. What's important is that there are other Bears fans out there like this guy who couldn't stand the sight of it as well so he did something about it.

Like there's a million things this guy could've been doing besides this. Hitting on girls, chugging beers, a nice game of billiards, maybe this bar had the punching bag game where him and his buddies could've proven to each other who has the most supreme penis, but no. He chose to walk over to the claw machine put god knows how much money into that thing just so he can properly dispose of that green and yellow trash. And that my friends is precisely what we need to do in this city to get this Bears train back on the fucking tracks.

Good job by you, pal. See you in September 2020.

Bear Down.