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Barstool Sports First Ever BLACK FRIDAY MEGA SALES EVENT STARTS AT MIDNIGHT (free shipping)

The Following Items will be back in stock or unveiled tonight at Midnight


1. Barstool Flag Back In Stock (limited quantity)

BZQmd6UIMAAAM_W.jpg large

2. Barstool Bucket Hat Version 2.0


3. Barstool Winter Hats (Maybe my personal favorite item)


4. Point Break


5. Top Gun (Good enough for world’s sexiest baseball player Andre Ethier)

BZn-75JCIAAT6P_.jpg large

6. Barstool Sweatshirts


7. World Series Merch

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That’s right folks.  I’m putting the entire fucking store on sale.   And by putting on sale I mean free fucking shipping from Black Friday right through Cyber Monday.   Oh my god did the Pres lose his mind or did the Pres lose his mind!   He’s giving away the whole god damn store!  Oh you don’t give a fuck?   All our shit sucks?  Fuck you it does.   Barstool Flags back in stock.  We only bought 500 more of them so don’t cry when they’re gone.  New limited edition Bucket hats in stock.   Limited edition Top Gun shirts back in stock.  Limited edition Point Break shirts back in stock. Barstool sweatshirts.  Barstool Winter Hats back in stock.   And of course all our World Series gear.   Don’t be the asshole who ruins Christmas and didn’t buy a shit ton of our gear.   Midnight Tonight.  Be there.