Is Brazil's Loss To Germany The Most Embarrassing Thing Thats Ever Happened In Sports History?

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Legitimate question here. Is this blowout the most humiliating thing that has ever happened in sports? The World Cup is widely regarded as the biggest sporting event in the world. Once every four years. Host country and favorite to win, and you get blown and give up SEVEN GOALS on your home field. I genuinely think this has to be considered the biggest disaster ever in sports. They hadn’t lost at home since 1975. 1975!

There have been plenty of shameful moments in American sports. My Mets collapse in 07 or the Yankees blowing a 3-0 lead in 04. The Butt Fumble against the Pats. Last year’s Super Bowl blowout. Im sure countless others. But this is on a global scale. None of the failures in the MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL really resonate around the world. The Miracle On Ice victory must have been disastrous for the USSR. An under the radar failure is our Bronze Medal in basketball at the ’04 Olympics, but nobody has the same passion globally when it comes to hoops. I’m sure there have been some big time choke jobs on an Olympic level in other various sports. But I think all things considered – with how much pride Brazil takes in soccer, in front of their entire country like this – this loss is the biggest embarrassment in sports history.